Helping You Securely Destroy Confidential Information

In today’s business environment, different types of confidential information is being stored electronically, making it very important to destroy hard drives and any other electronic media in a way that does not leave your data vulnerable to theft or abuse. Shred Confidential’s State of the Art Mobile Destruction Unit (MDU) houses a powerful Hard Drive Shredder that completely destroys your hard drives ensuring information is unrecoverable. Shred Confidential’s MDU and our Hard Drive Destruction service provides you with an unbeatable level of SECURITY and CONVENIENCE. The MDU comes to your business, the hard drives/media are collected in a secure manner and destroyed in front of you… QUICKLY AND SECURELY..


Shred Confidential’s Secure, Convenient & Affordable Hard Drive Destruction Service:

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When you need to get rid of documents quickly, efficiently and completely, Shred Confidential is the name you can trust.