Helping You Securely Destroy Confidential Information

Paper and electronic media are not the only sources of confidential or valuable information. Branded clothing and materials, such as uniforms, ID badges, credit cards, cell phones, company stationary, and promotional materials (DVDs, CDs and brochures) are some items that are now being destroyed by many companies.

Companies are now starting to understand that items used for security and identity purposes need to be destroyed because these items, in the wrong hands, can possibly damage brand reputation, increase risk of fraud, or present a significant security issue.

Company uniforms and badges are an important way of identifying staff members, but understanding the importance of destroying “old” or “out of date” uniforms or ID badges is very important. Without destroying these items, there is the potential for unauthorized access or entry to sensitive information or restricted areas, which may leave your business vulnerable to fraud or identity theft. Your choice for the secure destruction of these items is an important one.

Shred Confidential’s Mobile Destruction Unit (MDU) service provides you with an unbeatable level of SECURITY and CONVENIENCE. The MDU comes to your business, the uniforms, ID badges or any sensitive material is collected in a secure, lockable container, taken to the truck and destroyed in front of you…QUICKLY AND SECURELY.

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