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8 Benefits of Paper Shredding for Businesses

Large major businesses are surely different now than they were 100 years ago. You’ll find these corporations have streamlined their data and information onto cloud networks and secure data banks. While the focus has shifted to protecting our data from hackers, we forget that sensitive and confidential data is physically handled every day. In fact, the average office worker will print out over 10,000 sheets of paper a year. That’s a lot of paper! For that reason, paper shredding for businesses needs to be a priority.

Business owners and office managers need to understand the threat of physical data leaks never went away. Despite the rise of cyberattacks, ransomware and companies moving to the cloud, it takes only a single mistake by an employee to allow someone else to see or obtain sensitive information about anything – your business, employees, customers, etc. Don’t wake up to a lawsuit. Paper shredding for businesses is exactly what you need.

Here are the top 8 benefits of paper shredding for businesses.

Adherence to the Laws

Every company must adhere to both state and local laws concerning protection of consumer and employee information. This information is confidential, and no should even bother with it without strict permission. Failure to do so can lead to several charges and investigations into your company, which is both time consuming and extremely expensive to navigate.
By hiring Shred Confidential, we help secure any ‘loose’ documents that are no longer required. With most sensitive information copied onto a server, having physical information lying around is careless. Instead, our team will leave with you a service bin where you can drop into it all the paper you need shredded. From there, we’ll set up a scheduled pickup to shred the contents of the bin and have that paper securely recycled. We are an excellent option to keep your business out of any legal issues and help maintain a steady workflow in the office.

Protects the Environment

With how much paper we consume every day, it is easy to forget how much paper we waste. It’s time your workplace adopted new practices that are friendly to the environment. By shredding with Shred Confidential, we are able to securely shred your unused paper, then process it for recycling.

By recycling, Shred Confidential does its part in preserving the environment and reducing the need for deforestation. If you are eco-friendly, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Prevents Identity Theft

Hackers are not the only threat to your company. Anyone, employee or not, can snatch up unkept documents with client or employee information and do whatever they wish with it. Don’t let a data breach be what your company is known for. Whenever you feel any information is no longer necessary, have it shredded.

When you set up on-site service with Shred Confidential, we’ll drop off one or multiple of our secure shred bins and set a schedule with you to periodically pick them up and shred their contents. Since only our team of certified professionals can ever unlock those bins, you can rest assure sensitive info does not fall into the wrong hands.

Saves You Time

More specifically, it saves your employees the hassle of standing by the paper shredder on a daily basis to dispose of their unused documents. Or, better yet, having to deal with jammed under-the-desk paper shredders that coincidentally need replacement every couple of years. So instead of having your employees waste time –  or worse, simply tear and throw away the pieces in a trash bin – have them drop their papers into one of Shred Confidential’s shred bins for quick and secure shredding later on.

Opens Up More Space

Paper shredding, of course, reduces the amount of paper you have lying around. That makes sense because you have less documents piling up around your office. Now you can do more with the extra space such as installing new storage cabinets, or just extra leg room.

If you have a storage room for records, paper shredding can come in handy to increase the space inside. Many businesses already have copies of their documentation on a secure server and even a backup server, which makes physical copies mute. Have a couple of trustworthy hands to sort through which documents to keep and shred, then slip all your shred items into our secure bins.

Secures Customer Data

A business cannot exist without clientele. In such a relationship, clients need to trust that the sensitive information they provide you will not end up in the wrong hands. It is your responsibility to make sure that trust remains intact. Any physical documents with confidential information need to be in the hands of only trustworthy people. Beyond that, paper shredding is the safest option to completely get rid of these documents to ensure no one else sees their content.

Protects Your Own Business Information

The last thing you want to worry about as a business owner or manager is your own data security. That’s what makes secure paper shredding with Shred Confidential all the more important.

Sometimes your company needs to make critical decisions such as launching a new product or proposing a budget for a specific project. Not all the time are these talks handled through email, so we print out infographics, data and more to present to others. However, you do not want this information to leak out to potential competitors, info sellers, or even the media. Paper shredding after your presentation will ensure no security issues arise and that your company data remains well protected.

Reduces Fire Hazard

This may be the least concerning of all, especially since fires are not common in most workplaces. However, industries dealing with machinery and such can increase the chances of paper catching on fire. Paper shredding will reduce the risk of these loose papers causing bigger issues.

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