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  • Sep

The Importance of Document Management and Storage

With the recent pandemic, businesses have been forced to rethink the way they store company documents. In the past, records would be kept in the office so that all staff members could access them. Now with people working from different locations, it is necessary to have various methods of storing company documents so that staff […]
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  • Aug

Why Your Employees Avoid the Office Shredder

Our question for the day is this- do your employees avoid the office shredder? Does your office staff have nothing nice to say about the equipment? Do they often talk trash on it around the office? It may not be an issue you think about all the time, especially during a busy workday. But if […]
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  • Jul

Ten Reasons Your Company Needs to Shred

Paper documents can pose a threat to the stability and success of your business and the safety of anyone whose information is on the pages. Many companies don’t have secure disposal facilities to recycle confidential documents or enough storage for everything. As a result, business owners often don’t lock away documents. Worse yet, some business […]