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Your Mobile Shredding Service in Los Angeles

Government agencies, healthcare providers, and financial institutions in Los Angeles must use secure methods for shredding sensitive documents. Federal and state laws impose heavy fines when personal information goes public. Companies and institutions need a secure way to dispose of confidential paper records and protect themselves against data breaches. Paper shredding plays an essential role in organizations that handle personal information. However, shredding documents or transporting them can be unsafe and time-consuming. This guide will highlight the convenience and benefits of Shred Confidential mobile shredding services.

About Paper Shredding

Medical records, HR forms, financial documents, and proprietary files all contain confidential information. Protecting your customers’ and clients’ data is crucial, but what do you do once the papers are no longer needed? The most secure and reliable document disposal options are professional destruction and paper shredding. Companies, Shred Confidential can provides legal compliance assurance as well as reduces liability.

Several federal, state and industry-specific laws and regulations require businesses and companies to follow specific protocols when it comes to disposing of sensitive data and documents. Examples include GSA (government) and HIPAA (medical). You can comply with federal and state laws and protect your business with a mobile shredding service.

What is Mobile Shredding Services?

Mobile shredding is a secure service for destroying confidential documents. Commercial and residential clients prefer it because it is an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to shred documents, hard drives and unwanted items. It is also possible to schedule your visits according to your needs, whether you want a one-time shred or weekly shredding services.

How Does it Work?

On your scheduled date of service, a mobile shredding truck will arrive at your site and begin the disposal process. A document Security Representative will access locked consoles throughout your office and collect your stored documents to be destroyed.
Hydraulic arms will automatically lift the material into the truck, where an industrial shredder will cut it into small pieces. Live video coverage will be available so you can monitor the destruction of your requested documents. Upon completing your shredding service, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. The document certifies that all requested documents have been destroyed in accordance with privacy laws.

Paper Shredding Los Angeles: What You Need to Know

Here are some reasons why you should hire paper shredding servicers today to handle your sensitive documents. They include:

Can Protect Your Business and Clients

Today, there are many cases of companies mishandling important client documents and accidentally exposing their identity to the public. The data breach incident in 2017 cost Equifax more than $570 million in fines.

To avoid hefty fines associated with data breach allegations, shredding confidential documents is the best course of action. By a hiring Shred Confidential shredding services Los Angeles, you can save your business time, resources, and money.

Reduces Workplace Safety Hazards

Boxes of papers and rows of cabinet files in the workplace, may appear harmless until a fire breaks out. It would only take a faulty electric device to spark and overheat and start a flame. Or maybe there is an emergency, and everyone must leave the building, but rows of cabinet files are blocking the way.

By shredding documents, you can free up a large area on your floor that may be useful in case of a safety hazard. Paper shredding Los Angeles services can make workplaces safer while reducing paperwork.

Boosts Your Employees’ Productivity

Employees can spend a lot of time going to and from the office shredder, reducing their productivity. Shredding important documents individually can cause a lot of delays and disrupt the workflow. In fact, your business could lose hours every week to minor tasks that a professional can handle. So, outsource your paper shredding today to save time and allow your employees to focus on more productive tasks.

Cost Savings for Your Business

The cost of a good office paper shredder ranges from $200 to $11000, making it about 85% more expensive than hiring a shredding company. Also, office shredders may require regular maintenance and repairs, resulting in higher costs.

If you consider the time your employees spend shredding documents, the paper shredder can eventually become a burden. Shredding services are more economical and will save you time and money while allowing your business to continue operating uninterrupted.

Allows for Recycling

Is it true that 87% of customers approve of a brand or an organization that promotes environmental or social causes? Keeping your business environmentally friendly may have many benefits, such as attracting eco-friendly customers. Professional paper shredding services typically sort and recycle their shredded documents. To ensure the integrity of your process is protected during the shredding and recycling process, contact our Los Angeles shredding company.

What is the Difference Between Off-site and Mobile Shredding Service?

Off-site shredding is another option for document destruction. Unlike mobile shredding, off-site shredding takes place at a facility. On the day of your appointment, your shredding provider will take your documents to a shredding facility. The material will then be unloaded, hand-sorted, and stored until it is ready for destruction. The deposal process can not be viewed live at the provider’s facility, like with mobile shredding.

Off-site shredding services also have a long chain of custody, which refers to the order in which documents are shredded. The service also has more contact points, making it more vulnerable to security breaches.

What is the Cost of Mobile Shredding in Los Angeles?

The average cost for a mobile confidential shredding truck to arrive at your workplace in Los Angeles is roughly $100. The cost of drop-off shredding is about $1 per pound. Drop-off solutions are recommended if you have three or fewer boxes.

Consider mobile shredding if you have four boxes or more. It helps you avoid the hassle and time of transporting heavy boxes off-site, and it saves you money when shredding large boxes. Also, be aware of your location in regard to mobile shredding service. It is more likely that your project will cost less if you are closer to the shredding company.

Bottom Line

Are you ready to securely dispose of confidential and sensitive information in your organization? No matter what type of documents you handle, proper disposal is essential and Shred Confidential can help by making sure your documents are completely shredded to prevent any chance of them falling into the wrong hands.

Call a mobile confidential shredding today for Los Angeles’s fastest, most reliable, and most discreet paper shredding service. They will ensure that all papers are properly shredded, so no one can misuse them. Also, they will have your paper recycled by a professional recycling company to protect your company’s reputation.

Are you ready to begin? Get in touch with us today.

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